Benjamin Buck
Reverend Tate

The objectivity that is enjoyed when I relinquish the self, it allows me to engage within actions that need to be done, the manifestations of a response-based maker. 

My creative practice is a vehicle of communication with stillness, genuine existence and clarity. Manifesting the space needed to engage without obstruction or judgement, to allow observation and invite exotic revelations

Fuelled by a continuous living relationship between natural perception, human existence and technological presence, the dynamics of this trinity provide the stimulus into investigations behind misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding the relationship that these themes share.

Subjects are often investigated with the aid of tools like the performative state, narrative story structures and esoteric data extraction, and results in ephemeral manifestations, interpretive documentation, durational performance, motion graphics and science fiction fantasy graphic novels.

Regardless of the medium, community engagement and discourse with the idea, the sharing of meaningful experience and evolving the concept into everyday life, remains a constant motivation for me to create. 

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Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts - UWE, University of West England 2010/13

Foundation Degree - OCAD University, formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design 1996/97


Double Beta 08 2014 - Present

A fantasy sci fi graphic novel written, drawn and produced by myself.

Host Operator 03 2012 - Present

Host Operator is a collaborative performance with Charles Gershom involving sound and the performative state.

Lacuna Crux 06 2013 - 03 2014

A founding director of the artist run studio known as Lacuna Crux in Bristol, United Kingdom


LLAWN 05 09 2017

Society of Audio Chronologists

Llawn (Welsh for ‘full’) is MOSTYN’s free multi-arts festival that takes place across Llandudno, United Kingdom on one weekend each September. Performed with Host Operator.

Tempting Failure 11 2014

Tempting Failure is a Festival of International Performance Art & Noise Art that is held in Bristol, United Kingdom. Host Operator was invited to perform.

Rabbit Bee Reunion 07 2014

Community festival sound performance with Host Operator in Gwern Gof Uchaf, Capel Curig, United Kingdom

Transversals 2014

Transversals is a video by artist Monika Oechsler who commissioned Host Operator for the soundtrack

Open Studios @ Grumpy Studios 02 2014

Grumpy Studios, where Host Operator held a studio, open day event to showcase studio artists work in Manchester, United Kingdom

The Dark Outside 09 2014

Host Operator contributed an audio recording to The Dark Outside, 24 Hours of Music nobody has heard in a place where nobody might be listening. Murray’s Monument, Talnotry, The Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park, Scotland, United Kingdom.

3 05 2013

Installation of three videos as part of the University of the West of England graduation show in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Elementals 05 2013

Collaboration with Chantelle Harry and Jodie Marks. The final work was shown at the University of the West of England graduation show.

The Sushi Show 2013 06 2013

Fine Art graduates of 2013 from University of the West of England showcase their work at UWE studios at Spike Island. Audio performance with Host Operator

Spike Open, UWE Fine Arts Studios 05 2013

University of the West of England Fine Arts students exhibit work that explore the act of navigation pursued for its own sake. Created the Boat with James Griffiths

Sweet Spot 03 2013

3rd Year University of the West of England exhibition held in the Crypt within St Paul's Church, Bristol. Sound Installation with Charles Gershom and created event documentation video.

Space is the Place 12 2013

Fundraiser for the UWE graduating class. Host Operator was invited to create an audio performance. Bristol Diving School, Bristol, United Kingdom

Potlatch TV Interview Soundtrack 02 2013

A collaborative project between Bath and Bristol universities. I was commissioned to create a soundtrack for the event

Audiograft Jukebox 2013

Selected audio track from Host Operator for the Audiograft event in Oxford, United Kingdom

Banana Harmonics 2013

Banana Harmonics is an audience participatory sound performance that was executed in Bristol, United Kingdom


Invited to perform an audio performance with Bristol Diving School, Bristol, United Kingdom

Entre Chien et Loup 11 2012

A collaboration between Kunstuniversitat Linz Department of Fine Arts and the University of the West of England Fine Art department, that took place at Bristol Diving School, Bristol and Grand Hotel zum Rothen Krebsen, Linz, Austria

Strange Angel 05 2012

Audio Performance with Host Operator at Southbank, Bristol, United Kingdom

Picture This Video Event 02 2012

A joint event involving a screening of student work with the University of West England and Chelsea University of Arts in London that took place at Picture This in Bristol

St. Paul's Carnival 07 2011

An independent artist led exhibition held as part of the St. Paul's Carnival in Bristol

Slow Nerve Action 2001 - 2013

Performed on stage with the band Slow Nerve Action. Wrote song lyrics, installed artwork, stage props, costumes and created marketing material.

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