Benjamin Buck

My creative practice is the culmination of multiple disciplines in service of a designed message. I am a story teller, illustrator, video editor and sound artist and experienced collaborator, marketer, entrepreneur and designer. Work begins with the implementation of a set of esoteric tools such as the performative state and interpretative documentation with the purpose of maintaining authenticity in my process. I then apply all these element in the act of performative soundscapes and creating science fiction.

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The Double Beta Universe 

Join host Lloyd Baxter as he takes us through a universe of colorful characters and exotic locations. Watch as our heroes and villain's are forced to question what rules them, their inner nature or their inner narrative for facing themselves may be the only action left to save the remaining inhabitants of the planet from the most powerful and terrifying entity to ever exist, FERNN

The Double Beta Universe has created two comics, a mini book, four music singles and launched the youtube channel dbuTV. With even more comics and music in production the Double Beta Universe grows everyday.

Watch the animated opening for the Double Beta Universe

Time Lapse

Recorded process using Clip Studio Paint


Join host Lloyd Baxter as he brings you  popular shows like Celebrity Confrontations and the Editing Hut. Both have already multiple episodes aired with music videos, comedy ads and more in production. 

Soundscapes and Performances

Seven Gates - Host Operator

Host Operator

A collaboration with Charles Gershom, Welsh creative technician and artist. Together they perform soundscapes using the performative state and then contextualize the results with interpretive documentation.
Inside the dbu we use soundscapes to score videos but we collaborate on video creation, writing and community engagement. 

Definitive History - Llandudno Saturday Overview

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